INTERVIEW with Sherry Matthews Plaster

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How did The Divine Deal come into being?

I was offered a publishing contract in Dec 2012 and declined. However, in losing Mom and Tom (Sherry’s husband) one week apart I decided to move forward with it in dedication to her and my children.
When did the idea hit you?

As I was sitting at the kitchen table one evening watching my son Jesse play, I started thinking about how I wanted my children to know so much more about God, people and life much sooner than I learned. That’s when the idea came to write them a book.

After a month or so of composing the outline and doing research, I was ready to start writing.  Very quickly I decided to write a book was something I could not do. Disappointed, I put it away and moved on.

A short time later, maybe a couple weeks, I was sitting having my nightly quiet time when a voice in my head said, WRITE THE BOOK.  I thought no, it’s too difficult to write, I can’t do it.

Several days later, same place and time, again WRITE THE BOOK.  And again, I thought no way, I can’t do it. I then thought wait a minute. Is this me arguing with myself or could it be….

I remember laughing out loud.  RIGHT. The Holy Spirit is speaking to ME about writing a book.  HA!

A few days later, same place and time again, the same inner voice, only this time loud and demanding said…


Chills ran down my spine. Immediately my eyes filled with tears.  Both hands went straight up in
the air and this time I responded YES LORD….OK OK OK

I got it!

I will write this book Lord but you have to help me.  I have no idea what I’m doing….I just can’t do it without You.  I promise though, with your help I WILL get it done no matter how long it takes.

I began working on it the next day; it took me about three
years to complete.

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