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Life is a BLUR as a parent, and sometimes our only conversations with our children consist of “Please just give me peace… or GO CLEAN your room!” When do we really sit down and talk about the things that are important in life with our children? Or when do we tell them ALL THE THINGS we wish we had known when we were their age? So many times, we just don’t. There is wisdom based on life experiences and knowledge gained that we want to share with our children but may never have the chance to.


That became very real to Sherry, when she lost both her mother and her husband within one week of each other. Tragedy has a way of giving life, like the way seeds are sown. A seed must die before it can spring forth with new life. Now, what was once just a frustration for Sherry and something too difficult for her, in her own mind, became a mandate from the Holy Spirit in a “burning bush” moment when God spoke very clearly several times to Sherry, WRITE THE BOOK! It was then “The Divine Deal” became a reality which she dedicated to her mother and her children. Although, at first being written just for her children, the realization that this was something too important not to share with others also became very real to her at the same time and especially when several people confirmed the same, “The Divine Deal” was published for all parents wishing for their children to KNOW MORE as they come out of the Gate of Life.


The book tackles the questions many youths are asking now like…

  • Who am I?
  • Why am I here?
  • What is most important in life?
  • And HOW do I go about achieving SUCCESS in EVERY ASPECT of life?


There are fourteen chapters on unlocking God’s plan for their life and truly gaining understanding of some of life’s biggest questions. With almost 200 significant life changing scriptures and quotes, Sherry did her best to make sure each child will have just about everything they need to know before making some of life’s most important decisions. She really tried to cover the bases.

The book drives home the understanding that real love is the key to A LOT OF THINGS and they’ll gain understanding on…


  • how to resist temptation
  • overcome fear and anger
  • how to truly forgive
  • build their faith
  • do their best
  • the process of making the right decisions
  • Discovering who their greatest fans are


And so much more. Sherry and her team created a bible study series that will serve to be useful in a church youth group setting as well as a home setting for family devotionals. Her hope is that it will get parents and their children talking about some of life’s biggest ponderables… before it’s too late.

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