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Sherry Matthews Plaster is a remarkable woman who has led a normal life but with an extraordinary purpose where indeed her pain was not wrought in vain. Born and raised in the southern heights of Columbia, SC where playing kickball in the streets BAREFOOTED with her two brothers and the neighborhood kids was a favorite pastime. Camping at the lake with her family and enjoying her Irish setter named Brownie, the same; however, the barefooted kickball on concrete produced lots of stubbed toes but that never stopped her, the pure joy and fun of a favorite childhood game was worth it.


The small running creek behind the house where she grew up and spent so much time outdoors cultivated her love for any place there is water especially the majestic beauty of the ocean which reminded her of the wonder of our Creator. Another fond memory was going to her aunt’s house every Saturday and spraying all her perfume (several different fragrances) all over her; therefore, lovingly acquiring the nick name “stink”! However, Sherry thought she smelled great! As any fancy young lady would with lots of smiles and fancy perfumes.


She was six years old the first time the Holy Spirit spoke to her heart. She remembers getting out of bed to tell her mother, who tried to dismiss it at first, but after a few questions, it couldn’t be denied. The Holy Spirit was speaking to her. Her mother decided it was time to pray the prayer of salvation and it was then Sherry accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior, she was baptized shortly thereafter. Hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit became even more prevalent as she grew as a woman of God. What she found, was that same prompting voice of the Holy Spirit would be the beginning of a journey with an even greater purpose that would affect many.


Sherry’s life went on and with a love for outdoors and any place there is water, with her dry wit and pure gumption, life was a beautiful blank canvas. Sherry grew, she went to Columbia College and started her career with the City of Columbia. Content, she had no desire to be a mother and never aspired to be a writer but it would soon become obvious that God had other plans.


“Out of the blue”, is a cliché often used but never really understood until it happens to you. And “just like that” Sherry awoke one morning completely changed. She wanted to be a mother more than anything she had ever wanted in her life. She was 25 years old, without a husband and no prospects in sight. It was then she began to pray. They say patience is a virtue and she found that to be TRUE and God was taking His time! TEN YEARS after those first prayers at 36 her first child was born with the love of her life! Two more followed and life was good.


While sitting at her kitchen table one evening watching her son Jesse play, the desire for her children to know so much more than she did so much sooner began to swell in her heart; things about God, People and Life. That’s when the Holy Spirit began to deal with her about writing a book on Life lessons and preparing for adulthood. It was originally going to be just for her children and after a month or so of composing the outline and doing research, she was ready to start writing. But as the enemy always does, discouragement set in and she decided very quickly that writing a book was something she didn’t feel she could do. Disappointed she put it away and moved on. However, the Holy Spirit had other plans.


Life is a busy blur as a parent, and there is wisdom based on life experiences and knowledge gained that we want to share with our children but may never have the chance to. That became very real to Sherry, when she lost both her mother and her husband within one week of each other. Tragedy has a way of giving life, like the way seeds are sown. A seed must die before it can spring forth with new life. Now, what was once just a frustration and something too difficult for Sherry in her own mind became a mandate from the Holy Spirit in a “burning bush” moment for Sherry when God spoke very clearly to her several times to WRITE THE BOOK. It was then “The Divine Deal” became a reality now dedicated to her mother and her children. Although, at first being written just for her children, the realization that this was something too important not to share with others also became very real to her at the same time and especially when several people confirmed the same, “The Divine Deal” was published for all parents wishing for their children to KNOW MORE as they come out of the Gate of Life.

Advance Praise for THE DIVINE DEAL

Melody Busch

This really helped me get the big picture of what I need to know BEFORE, I start my life on my own. It answered a lot questions.

Melody Busch Harlem, GA

Maxine Hodges

I’m buying the bible study for my sons and our family devotionals, this will really get us talking about what is most important in life.

Maxine Hodges Cary, NC

Michelle Shirley

My mom bought the book for me, it was EXTREMELY helpful and digs deep when it comes to answering the questions I have now. Super good read.

Michelle Shirley Augusta, GA

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